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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ireland visa waiver for Indian Passport Holders

There's been some buzz on the internet about being able to travel to the Republic of Ireland if you have a UK Visa in your Indian passport. For a while my Wife and I have been quite excited about this, since we both want to see Ireland.

But I checked up the exact wording of the visa waiver programme. It seems that you can only visit Ireland on a UK visa if you have a Tourist or Short term business visa. Bit of a bummer for us. I am here on a work visa and my wife on a dependant visa. Looks like we will need to get an Irish visa!

Here is the link to the exact wording on the Irish embassy website:

Three of my friends have recently entered The Republic of Ireland under the visa-waiver programme, on a UK tourist visa. Also, my wife, who is on a UK resident visa (Tier-1 Dependant), had to apply for a tourist visa to Ireland (they gave her a single-entry visa). Note: The visa was issued to her FREE of cost and took 1 week to process.


Prashant Varma said...

Is it true..infact im also confused as i have the same status on a work visa Tier 2 and wife has a tier 2 dependent. i was just booking the ticket when i read the wording..
Can we check with some helpline..would like to talk to u if u can give ur no please..

Prashant Varma said...

Please see this at (Is there a ray of hope)

Holders of UK “general visas” who have been successfully admitted entry to the UK, will be able to travel to Ireland within the period of validity of that visa without the requirement to obtain a separate Irish visa. UK “General Visas” are virtually all multiple entry visas and the vast majority are valid for use for a period of 6 months. A small percentage of “General Visas” are valid for use for a period of 1 year, 2 years, or in exceptional cases 5 years. The maximum period of validity of stay of all such visas is 180 days. i.e. You cannot stay longer in the UK than 180 days in any single visit, or a total of 180 days as a combined total of visits in any 1 year period. The maximum stay in Ireland will be 90 days, or to the end of the period of validity of the visa, whichever is the shorter. Overall, it is not envisaged that anyone could stay for longer than a combined total of 180 days in a year in the Ireland/UK Common Travel Area,

villdre said...

This line destroys the hope unfortunately: " The maximum period of validity of stay of all such visas is 180 days".

Tier 1 and Tier 2 visas allow us to stay more than 180 days, so we clearly don't fall under the general category. I have tried contacting the Irish embassy in India, but couldn't reach them. Perhaps you can try calling them too?

You can easily be in touch with me on twitter: @villdre

Deepak said...

I am travelling to Dublin over the weekend 19th of Aug 2011 Under visa waiver programme. I am on Tier 1 visa, I will let you know what will happen.

villdre said...

Deepak - thanks, that would be fantastic to know!

Sabarish said...

Hi Villdre!

Your blog is really inspiring to a fellow Indian who wishes to travel. I wish to make my first trip to Cambodia. I believe there is this VOA in Cambodia. Is it hassle free?

BTW, why is this aversion to Indians in many countries to grant visas nad unlike other countires Indian passport holders don't have VOA in many countries?



Ram Shetty said...

Deepak , could you let us know whether you were granted entry under the visa waiver program with a Teir 1 as i hold same visa . Are Teir 2 visa granted too ?

villdre said...

Just to update you guys on the situation. My wife recently visited Republic of Ireland. She had to get a visa from the Irish embassy in London. But the visa was issued FREE of cost. She is an Indian passport holder with a Tier-1 spouse visa.

Vijay said...

Deepak & Ram
Please let us know if you could travel on Tier-1 UK visa to Ireland, please?

Anonymous said...


Deepak - can you share your experience please?

Did you manage to travel without an Irish visa, i.e. on your Tier 1

Nitin Saraf said...

I have a friend in Ireland and I want to give her a surprise visit, planning to go there in December. Could you please tell me how much money should be there in my bank account so that Visa Officer gets satisfied? I am planning to book some low cost Hostels in Galway to save money. please guide me more on this.

insertindian said...

Nitin - assuming you are applying from the UK, the Irish Embassy website says you need to show 3-months bank statements, with a minimum balance of £250. In addition to that you can show evidence of paid hotel/hostel bookings. Click here for more information.

AmritaAmriiAmuAmruta ;-) said...

Hi This is Amrita

your blog is just great!

I need to travel to Ireland for job interview next week.

Currently I have tier 2 general visa work permit valid until 2015.

please advise wht documents would I need and how long will it take to get Irish visa.

insertindian said...

Hi Amrita - thanks for your comment. You can get detailed requirements at the Irish Embassy website here:

When my wife submitted her application last year, it took around 1 week to come through.

Neha said...

Hi wanted to travel to ireland husband has business visa to UK. I would most likely be travelling as a dependent..I am passionate about seeing diff places of world..have seen places with visa on arrival such as hong kong and need a glimpse of scandanavian countries...kindly help with visa requirements and other issues involved it easier to visit any other place n europe or visa hassles are same all over...

insertindian said...

Hi Neha ... I assume the 'business visa' is a temporary visa (i.e. not a long term work visa). In that case you should both be able to see Ireland visa-free. Other countries where visa rules allow travel on a UK visa have, in the past, included Croatia, Bulgaria. Check out their embassies' websites for current visa information. Most European countries require a Schengen visa, but once you get it from one country you can travel to 27 countries on the same visa. So I would encourage you to look into that too.

Vipul Swarup said...

Hi All. I have migrated this blog and comments to Wordpress. Please click here to continue discussing the Irish visa waiver.